Web Analytics Reports

All websites and mobile apps generate information from their visitors and users. It is very important to know the Profile of you Audience, the most visited sections of your website, and mucho more. It's incredibly valuable to the commercial success of your business. Quickly and cost effectively differentiate your app/website and drive customer value.

Sometimes Web Metrics Reports are needed by government institutions. For example, in Mexico these reports are necessary in case your business is selling digital advertisement. According to the Lineamientos Generales para las Campañas de Comunicación Social (http://bit.ly/digitales2015):

ARTÍCULO 59.- Las Dependencias y Entidades deberán incluir medios digitales en sus Programas anuales de comunicación social y de promoción y publicidad, de acuerdo con los criterios formulados por la CEDN (http://www.mexicodigital.gob.mx).

We at Kulander® create the Metrics Reports needed for your organization.

Web Analytics Reports
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