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We at Kulander® know that the main purpose of your business website is to sell. Therefore we develop attractive and useful websites, but most importantly, we deploy a content manager specifically developed for your company. Nowadays, a website that does not have its content up to date is very likely to not generate sales.

Our kulAccess® system has been developed in-house, which means that we guarantee its good functioning along with an efficient technical support. Other website developers use third-party content managers. The big disadvantage of doing such thing is that most suppliers do not know how these systems work. Hence, if an error shows up, it will take a long time for your supplier to identify the source of the problem and worse, it will take an even longer time to solve the problem (if they can solve it). All this waiting translates into profits lost by your business. However, with Kulander® you will not find yourself in such terrible situations. We have more than 10 years of experience and we offer you our own content manager named kulAccess®.

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Website Development
  • Latest trends following the standards in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Responsive design: for mobile and desktop devices.
  • Multimedia (video, image gallery, interactive maps and more).
  • Integration to social media accounts.
  • ReCAPTCHA technology to prevent spam.

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